IamUkraine is an exhibition about the war in Ukraine. It features work by photographers who have been at the epicenter of the war and Ukrainian illustrators currently living in a war zone and embodying the horrors around them through the creative process.
”The indomitability of the Ukrainian spirit.
The native city of Chernihiv was under constant shelling, all communications were destroyed: water, electricity, communications, and gas. My mother was all the time there, she went through this nightmare. On the first day without air alarms, they and their neighbors went out to plant trees and flowers and clean the streets of the city with the words "we will rebuild everything broken."
“More than 9,6+million Ukrainians were forced to leave their homes and cities due to constant shelling and terror from Russia. About half of them are children. One person out of these millions is me.”
albina kolesnichenko
“All the images are what almost everyone in Ukraine, including me, has seen or experienced. These are our lives, our fears, and our hopes.”
Mikhailo Polivanov
”And so, since March, we began to document the reality of the “Russian military operation.

I want to show you and make you understand that each of you can also make plans, live, love, and make plans for your wonderful life, but one moment the Russian world can enter your house ..”
Mitya borodin
george ivanchenko
Dad. Digital art.
A very personal story of my dad witnessing the destruction and death of his combatants caused by the russian missile.

Occupant. Digital art.
Everything I felt about what evil is I tried to put into this piece.

Daryna Klochko
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