Art is emotion. It is able to tell the world what cannot be expressed in words. IamUkraine wants to show the war through the prism of photographers who have been at the epicenter of the war and Ukrainian illustrators currently living in a war zone and embodying the horrors around them through the creative process.

IamUkraine also resembles a platform for Ukrainian refugees in The Netherlands who
want to express their gratitude to Dutch society for all help that has been provided.

‘’As a social administrator of Ukrainian refugees in Delft, I see them asking everyday how they can do anything back for the Dutch society besides working. I hope this project will give them this opportunity and will show the Dutch citizens that their help is highly treasured and that Ukrianians are here not to just seek happiness.’’

We are a team of creative young professionals who were connected by the war. Our main goal is to inform about the war through art and to express gratitude to the Dutch society for all the help and support that has been provided.

We are warriors on the information front. Our weapon is art. But we stand for peace so our weapon is harmless.War brought us together. Some of us were forced to leave home, friends, and "past happy life". Others remained in Ukraine to keep fighting on all fronts. Staying strong even when it comes to working to the sounds of war..air alarms, missiles flying, explosions...

our team
In this thorny and long way of creating the "I am Ukraine" exhibition, we`ve met great people around the world. They made an important contribution to it and we are all grateful for that. Such tragedies are bringing incredible people into one place.
Together, we`ve created a unique space showing Ukrainian life during the war. Which every one of
YOU can visit to help us stop it and to not let it happen again. We speak through art. We seek help through it. We live through it.
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