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I am
IamUkraine is a unique social art project about the war in Ukraine organized with the help of Ukrainian refugees in The Netherlands. The first edition of the project takes place in Delft.
IamUkraine presents the exhibition of photographers who have been at the epicenter of the war and Ukrainian illustrators currently living in a war zone and embodying the horrors around them through the creative process.

Vibrantly colorful illustrations and satirical anti-war posters reflect the humor, hope and resilience of the Ukrainian people. In many works, the public can discover a unique common style developed by Ukrainian illustrators during the war.

Я це Україна
Colorful illustrations and satirical anti-war posters
The project also resembles a platform for Ukrainian refugees in The Netherlands who
want to express their gratitude to Dutch society for all help that has been provided.
‘’As a social administrator of Ukrainian refugees in Delft, I see them asking everyday how they can do anything back for the Dutch society besides working. I hope this project will give them this opportunity and will show the Dutch citizens that their help is highly treasured and that Ukrianians are here not to just seek happiness.’’
i am ukraine
The war has been going on for almost a year

With our artworks we hope to show the Dutch society what the war looks and feels like.

In addition, the project presents films, lectures and performances reflecting on the situation in Ukraine.

IamUkraine Team works completely free. 100% of the voluntary donations will go to Ukrainian charitable foundation The Voices of Children.
Alisa Lavrenchenko, curator of IamUkraine
It might be overwhelming not to have an outlet for your emotions. Art is a way of sharing and showing feelings. Fear and anxiety, love and hate. All these emotions our photographers and illustrators turned into incredible works.

Starting from the 24th of February 15,1+ million people left their homes.
Every day lost souls keep arriving in different countries seeking safety and home. The problem is not solved and the lives of millions of people are still getting destroyed.

They used their feelings to make art, instead of allowing them to set up camp in their brains and take over. All our participants visited hot spots in Ukraine and now they want you to see the war through their eyes.
Every day, bombs are falling on the peaceful cities of Ukraine. They are getting into the lives of ordinary people. It is hard to imagine that some citizens were on their way to work ... and never made it.
Someone was going to sleep or putting their children to bed. Life was going on until Russian missiles changed their lives forever.

residential buildings have been destroyed
140 millions m
have left their homes
11.5m people
"Children" and "war" are two words that should never meet in one sentence. The promises we kept after WW2, when 77 years ago we all said, "Never again!". The children of Ukraine have lost their childhood. Over 1,000 children confirmed killed or injured
5.9 million kids
suffered from the war
The Netherlands offers temporary protection to Ukrainian refugees. Some of them are staying in municipality shelters and some in host families. Most of them are women and children.
7.9 million
refugees came to The Netherlands
refugees across Europe
Over 80%
of Ukrainian refugees in The Netherlands found job
Ukrainians are extremely grateful for the help they receive. Although people miss their home and dream about going back, not everyone has this opportunity. Despite all the fear and sadness, most of the refugees try to contribute to Dutch society as soon as possible.
Ukrainian refugees in Delft are happy with the welcoming attitude from the citizens of Delft and the municipality. They want to express their gratitude through the project IamUkraine.

refugees live in Delft
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